Type of courses: For children

When Matěj came to us, he did not communicate verbally. On the second lesson he said the word THANK YOU, and on the fourth HELLO, HELLO, HELLO 🙂 He also started maintaining eye contact, smiling, seeking physical contact. Overall, he calmed down and began to participate more in daily activities. During therapy, he stopped leaving the room. On EEG Biofeedback he was praised for being attentive and receptive. He is improving in dressing and undressing and has started participating in household chores.

Parent Comment:

Our son Matysek is almost seven years old and autistic. We started going to EOV lessons in January 2022, when Matysek was 6 years and 4 months old. Matysek is nonverbal, which is, from my point of view, the most challenging problem. Additionally, as is known with autism, there was almost no eye contact before the lessons, no interest in sharing, and no interest in cuddling.

Changes in Matysek with each lesson increased, I wrote down every progress or change in a notebook. Matysek still does not speak (only a few words so far), but he has an interest in sharing, comes to cuddle, looks at us when something is not allowed or does not work, lets us explain it. During his favorite activities, he likes our presence (he didn’t care before, he would rather leave). Sometimes he also helps with cleaning. He clearly invites to play, either with his younger brother or with us (mom and dad).

In the nursery school, the teacher also noticed the changes and praised Matysek for trying to say something: dog, pool, hello in an appropriate context. He also protects a younger classmate and participates more in collective activities.

I could write a lot more. Basically, the EOV lessons helped us “start something” with Matýsek and as parents we have to continue to develop that “something” so that our Matysek will have a good future, be satisfied and happy.