The meaning of EOV is much deeper than just teaching someone to “see blindfolded”

Martina J.

Type of courses: Instructor training

The capacity of our mind and consciousness is many times greater than what we normally use and I have heard before that it is possible to learn to see with closed eyes. But I did not really understand what good it could be for and honestly, it did not interest me much. Then I came across the methodology of extraocular vision (EOV), developed and spread by the Mexican association Viendo por el Mundo and I immediately felt that I wanted to learn more about this method and that its meaning was much deeper than just teaching someone to “see with closed eyes.”

Thanks to “coincidences” EOV kept crossing my path until I had a personal meeting with the founder of the association Verenice Carvajal and from there it was just a small step to complete the EOV instructor training course.

Seeing a child, who in just one hour-long lesson, can “open up” and, with a mask on their eyes, see not only colors and shapes, but even read something to you, is an experience that gives me goosebumps to this day. However, the most important thing is that, by activating extraocular vision and the associated expansion of consciousness, the child will gain a completely different idea of who they truly are and what they are capable of. Thanks to certain mental exercises, children’s memory and concentration improve, their relationships within and outside the family improve, and children acquire simple tools for managing their emotions and fears (fear of darkness, fear of being alone…). Such children, and people in general, are no longer as easily manipulatable, they know that they can rely on their own intuition and are best able to decide what is right and which path to take in life.

It was really demanding four days and I think I’ll be recovering from it for a few more days, but thanks to the great teachers Káta and Pája and the amazing group of people it was an indescribable experience that I definitely don’t regret. But what convinced me the most was the children, because all of them, including those who were brought to the course somewhat against their will, left with shining eyes and wide smiles from ear to ear.

This method is also applicable to adults, but most of us have many internal injuries and false beliefs that block this ability, so it is much more demanding and not always possible. Let’s at least give it to our children, maybe it will at least slightly improve the outlook for our future.

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