Training course for instructors of extraocular vision (eov) for children

Instructor training

04. – 07. 05. 2023
number of vacancies:
Course price:
45 000,– Kč

Do you want to spread the unique Mexican methodology Viendo por el Mundo with us and for this purpose educate children and, like us, provide courses for mind development, perception and extraocular vision (EOV)? Then you’re in the right place 🙂

Upon completion of the “Instructor of Mental Development, Awareness and Extraocular Vision 1” course, the participant will be qualified as a “Pre-Certified VEO Instructor” (that is, an EOV Instructor before certification). To obtain the status of “Certified VEO Instructor” (Certified EOV Instructor), it is necessary to meet the required practice with 5 children within 8 months of the course completion, where it is necessary to activate EOV.

The price includes the course, all necessary materials and supplies, including coffee breaks. The course takes place over 4 days with a time range from 9 am to 2 pm and from 3 pm to 6 pm. In addition to teaching you the EOV methodology, you will try to develop extrasensory perception – extraocular vision yourself, go through processing a series of subconscious images that can affect your relationship not only with yourself but also with your surroundings, and go through a unique 10-body transformative meditation that deeply cleanses not only fears, but also traumas or emotional stress.

Food and accommodation are not included in the course fee and each participant must pay for it themselves.

To participate in the course, it is also necessary to find a minimum of 1 child aged 6-12 for the afternoon practice at the course, with whom each instructor will subsequently continue to work at home to meet the required practice.

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